In No Time At All . . .

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   In this series of articles by Larry Vardiman Ph D. & D. Russell Humphreys Ph D., discuss how the Creator laid-out & formed the known universe.  I believe that anyone with an understanding of High School level Physics, Mathematics/Algebra & patience (re-reading as often as needed) will be able to comprehend what's in these articles. 

"...In No Time at All(Pt.1)" 

"...In No Time at All (Pt.2)" 

"...In No Time At all (Pt. 3) 

   Be sure to read the articles in their entirety.   The complete November 2010, January 2011 & February 2011 issues that these articles these articles appear within may be downloaded from

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Top Photo: Courtesy "Acts & Facts" magazine published by the Institute For Creation Research in Dallas Texas.