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(Author / Web Master's Note:  This Study was 1st written in July 2011 & appeared on this Web Site for a couple months afterward. Since then, rulings against several small business, mostly specialty bakeries, because they refused to provide baking services / products to gay/lesbian couples based on the Owner's Religious Beliefs & now recently -- several State Court cases ruling against Voter-Approved changes to respective State Constitutions.  The following Article was excerpted from the Original Study.  Permission to re-post/re-print is granted if Source Credit is given to www.RMRondyNews.com Web Site. )

      Learning From FM

            For many years, the United States has had “anti-discrimination” laws as part of the “law of the land.”  Many of these laws in their infancy had good reason to be enacted.  However, both so many and the kinds of discrimination that are now against the law, that freedom of personal choice is now a difficult thing to exercise.


            What makes these laws difficult is that these laws, in a simplistic sense, say that an Individual citizen of this country must accept and not reject individuals of any certain skin color (race), beliefs (religion), lifestyle (homosexually for example) and a litany of other reasons these “anti-discrimination” laws were otherwise enacted.

            I believe that the difficulty is with, in principal, the law itself, as it restricts Individual Freedom of Choice and to exercise the option to make rejection of things the Individual does not care for or forces participation in activities not desired.  In some cases, not having the freedom to reject a thing, person, belief system, etc. could very well lower the quality of Individual lifestyle, which in some cases could lead to depression and even suicide.  All because the Individual is not allowed to say “NO” in a final sense. 
To do so would, in many cases, willfully violate the law.

            Personal Discrimination, I believe is a necessary tool that Individuals need to make their way through life.  Individuals need the freedom to not only choose a thing, activity, belief, etc.  But also need the freedom to choose the quality of that particular choice, up to and including the freedom to say no, to the same (rejecting certain qualities). 
Thereby, maintaining a particularly desired personal lifestyle.

            Of a sort, the same is true with FM radio.  Most FM receivers made prior to the early 1990’s contained circuitry to process an FM signal was known as an
FM Discriminator.

                                                Early FM Radio

            In the 1930’s, research was done to see if there was a practical way to reduce or eliminate interference on Amplitude Modulation (AM) radio signals.  Out of this research came Frequency Modulation (FM) radio.

           By comparison, AM signals have been subject to interference (lightning, electrical noise through wiring or even radiated noise from another car’s ignition system) because they share a common trait:  Both are vertically polarized in the way their signal is “stacked.”  The audio portion of the AM signal is placed under
the carrier signal which is transmitted in a sort of vertical fashion.

              Electrical noise is made and transmitted (usually naturally) in much the same vertical fashion. 
Hence, electrical noise can easily interfere with an AM signal.

            FM signals on the other hand are transmitted in a somewhat opposite fashion.  A single carrier signal on a given frequency is modulated up or down from the “center” frequency by the audio mixed within the signal.  The FM signal in a sense is transmitted in a “horizontal” fashion, opposite from that of an AM type signal. 
FM signals by their nature are much less prone to interference and more pleasing for the listener.

                                    Discrimination By Rejection

            A circuit called the Foster-Seeley FM Discriminator[1], located in an FM receiver’s “front end,” was the de-facto standard for several decades, first using tube circuitry then more recently in solid-state form.  This circuit made FM reception possible.

            Once a station is selected (tuned into), the “center frequency” of the RF signal of the station passes from the tuner to the FM Discriminator.  The Discriminator checks the signal for any changes, minor or major, from the center frequency and rejects the changes by its self-adjusting design.  Thereby passing the cleanest possible signal to the circuit output to the audio amplifier portion of the receiver. 

                         Dwindling Choices
            As Individuals, we participate in a world of choices.  For the most part, we can still choose who we’re acquainted with to call “friend” and who we choose to call “not my friend” to keep away from.  The reasons Individuals make these choices, for now are many.  However, as I mentioned at the beginning of this Study, our personal reasons for making these kinds of choices are becoming fewer and fewer as the Government mandates come forth.  In time, many of these choices will become deemed unlawful if Individuals choose to follow Biblical (Torah) principals.

           God’s written Word (Torah), the Holy Bible, is the manual by which Man’s “FM Discriminator” is operated.  Hence, individual men & women who want to live their lives according to Bible teaching, do have the ability to discriminate (making choices) as to pursue a positive and happy lifestyle.



[1] Information on the Foster-Seeley FM Discriminator accessed from the www.Radio-Electronics.com  Web Site on 25 July 2011.

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