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        Gunfighter Events & Info
Temporary Listing: I'll be posting (limited) information on Gunfighting Events which can be verified.
     Presently, a group of Gunfighters play the "Bad Guys" for the Buffalo Soldiers of the American West  (BSAW) are active in the Denver/Front Range area.  Yes, we're always looking for help to stage Performances BUT there are a few things you need to know Before we can say that you can help (especially in a Shooter's Role)..   #1)  You MUST BE INSURED TO PERFORM in a Shooter's Role.  If you are presently active in RGA, SASS, AFRG or other similar Groups, your current Membership Card will be Evidence of being Insured.  If you're NOT a Member of a Gunfighter Group, you MUST present Evidence of Insurance in order to perform in a Shooting Role.  #2)  We operate under the Safety Rules of the Re-Enactor's Guild of America (RGA).  This is to ensure both the Safety of the Performers and the observing Public.  #3)  All weapons used in performances will be Safety inspected prior to that day's Performance(s).  #4)  NON-Shooting Roles often need to be filled.  Only requirement here is to follow directions. Insurance is not usually required for non-shooting Roles but can be nice to have.  Do keep in-mind however that you will be around active Shooters.

       Dates for Events we've been requested to perform (updated 13 August 15): 
September 12th  Lancaster's Fort (in Ft. Lupton, CO)
October 3rd  Urban Farms (in East Denver, CO)
       If you have any questions, contact Sam Rocha (720) 278-6701  or Duke "Smoke Talker" Paulsen (303) 396-8670 cell  E-Mail: smoketalker@juno.com