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<Posted 22 May 14>
"Barak HUSSEIN Obama took Office in late January 2009.  He's held the Office of President for over 5-1/2 YEARS.  George Bush has been a Private Citizen for the SAME AMOUNT OF TIME hence, G.W. Bush cannot effect any of the 'Hope & Change' that BHO, as President, has been RESPONSIBLE for since GWB LEFT OFFICE.  Since BHO won't accept responsibility, can we MAKE him accept responsibility???"

"It seems truth is a huge casualty in our country. Right and wrong don't exist anymore. It's far worse than I think any of us thought it was gonna be."   Rush Limbaugh 19 Dec 12

<Posted 1 May 13>
Reacting to Washington D.C's effort to re-name the NFL team Washington Redskins, Robert Griffin III (better known as RGIII) tweeted on 30 April 13, "In a land of freedom, we are held hostage by the tyranny of political correctness."  The man speaks the truth!!

<Posted 4 March 13>
   School suspends 7-year-old for biting Pop Tart pastry into 'shape of gun'   BALTIMORE, Md. - A seven-year-old Maryland boy has been suspended from school after biting his breakfast pastry into a shape that his teacher thought looked like a gun.

Josh Welch, a second-grader at Park Elementary School in Baltimore, said he was trying to nibble his strawberry Pop Tart into a mountain.

"It was already a rectangle and I just kept on biting it and biting it and . . . (For story & video, see   Story comes through KMGH-TV/DT 7  Denver, CO

<Posted 10 January 13>
Tallow River Trappers needs some help   After talking with TRT Captain, Tony Thom this morning, I felt the need to pass along the message that this wonderful Outfit can really use some Volunteer help to organize and Booshway some of the Rendezvous TRT has scheduled this year.  It’s been mainly the TRT Board Members running the Events the past few years and the TRT Board would really like to see these Events run by the Members!!  

First:  Become an active Member of TRT.  Second: Volunteer to run one of the Rondys.  Sure, it takes some effort but it’s really an exciting thing to do.  I’ve run 4 Events myself and have gained some experience and had much fun being Booshway.  In most cases, there’s not that much prep-work but some Individual effort is required.

The TRT Rendezvous’ for 2013 are listed on the “Rondy Events 2013” Page by date.  If you have any questions about being a Booshway or the TRT Rendezvous site itself, please contact TRT Captain Tony Thom at
(720) 940-7646   Also, there is a Membership meeting scheduled for January 27th at 3:PM, in the Rendezvous Room at the Fort (U.S. Highway 85 & County Road 14-1/2 in Ft. Lupton, CO).  This would be a very good time to attend and to learn more about the TRT and the Rondys they sponsor.  Web Master  

<Posted 5 December 12>
Butler U. course requires students to forget / deny being White, Male & American
Let’s keep this in perspective.  This National Review Online article is talking about a Professor at Butler University in Indiana.  This course she teaches (most likely aimed at “Caucasion Males”) is asking Men, as they write out their assignments, to forget (or DENY) that they are WHITE, are MALE & AMERICAN!  A few students actually had the smarts to drop the course in question & to them, I “tip the Stetson.”   Web Master’s note: Factually speaking: I am Male, I am White & I am an AMERICAN CITIZEN.  These FACTS cannot be denied as I've been this way for the past 59 years.  Truly, the LORD made me as He intended & placed me in the land called the US of A, that I call Home.  –30-

<Posted 3 December 12>
This video should certainly be seen by everyone.    This was 47 years ago. April 3, 1965. An amazing prediction. Do you remember the famous ABC radio commentator Paul HarveyMillions of Americans listened to his programs which were broadcast over 1,200 radio stations nationwide.  Even if you don't have sound, every word of this commentary is posted.  If you do have sound, just follow along.  Click this link to see the words & hear, "If I Were the Devil."   Http://

<Posted 26 November 12>

12 Rules to Use Against Liberals
Every so often, you will see & hear about a 70’s radical named Saul Alinsky.  He wrote a book called “Rules for Radicals.”  In this book, Saul cites 12 “tactical” rules to overcome the “enemy” (meaning fundamental Conservatives, Religious Right, 2nd Amendment, etc.).  This has been, for the most part, the “playbook” for Democrats & Liberals alike since the 1980's.

If the old adage, “all’s fair in love and war,” holds true today as it did decades ago, then, within the  “arena of ideas,” Conservatives should also be able to use the SAME tactics as our “enemy,” the Liberals & Democrats have used for so long and effectively against us. 

John Hawkins outlines these “tactics” and expounds on them in an orderly and intelligent manner.  See this link for the full article: John Hawkins: 12 Ways to Use Saul Akinsky's Rules for Radicals Against Liberals   

If OUR "enemy," the Dems & Libs cry "foul" for Conservatives using THEIR "playbook," then let 'em howl!!!  A more recent adage declares, "what goes around, comes around." 

<Posted 29 August 12>

Deaf Boy Asked To Change Sign Language Name

 Preschool In Nebraska Says The Sign Looks Too Much Like A Gun

 A deaf preschooler in Nebraska was asked to change the way he signs his name after he was told the sign looked like a gun.  The parents of 3-year-old Hunter Spanjer claim the school district in Grand Island, Neb., told them their son's sign language name violated its "weapons in school" policy and asked them to modify it . . .

This story first broke here

 . . . and the “shot-themselves-in-the-foot-response” here :  

This excerpted story & video courtesy of KGIN-TV  10 / 11  Grand Island, Nebraska
“Zero Tolerance = Zero Intelligence”

 <Posted 16 August 12>

Radford business owner declines request from Joe Biden's entourage to stop in store

The owner of “Crumb and Get It” says he doesn't agree with the Obama administration's policies.   (From WDBJ-7 in Roanoke, VA)

You have to admire the Owner of this little Shop for standing up & saying "NO" to the veep.  Even the Secret Service complimented the Owner for saying "NO."  See this link :,0,4370357.story 

<Posted 18 July 12>
          Media (aka Denver Post) : Show Me a Real & Honest Poll
(Web Master's Note:  To my knowledge, this Letter to the Editor, submitted on 28 June 2012-1115MT, was never published.)

   I'm geinuinely frustrated with the Denver Post (and the media in general) with ALWAYS showing "polls" showing Obama either "just even" or ahead of Republican Mitt Romney.  I've seen and heard way too many poeple who think that these "polls" are always skewed (or spun) in the Democrat's favor.  Especially when Public sentiment demonstrates the opposite. 

   To me, I would like to suggest that the Denver Post and the Media in general, really don't want to aknowledge or admit that this kind of sentiment against Obama (and the Democrats) is for real.  Personally, I'd like to see the Denver Post publish a REAL & HONEST poll of Likely Voters that would actually show that the percentage of Obama's numbers are actually much lower, more likely about 5% to 25% LESS than any of the "polls" being released in the last few weeks for example.

   Knowing that this kind of sentiment is among the vast circle of people I know from several parts of the country, for example, who have a very low or outright despisement of Obama, I'd like to ask if the Denver Post is that much "in bed" with Obama and the Democrats or is the Denver Post that much AFRAID and fearful of "being called on the carpet?"  -30- 

If we ever forget that we're one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under.  Former President Ronald Reagan

Notable T-Shirt :  Invest in precious metals :  Buy Lead to protect our 2nd Amendment Rights!

<Posted 28 June 12>
                                   R.  I.  P.     U S A

   The Supreme Court of the U. S. (SCOTUS), itself a "death panel,"  put the "last nail in the coffin" of Freedom, as we know it on 28 June 2012 - 1015MT.

   In the not-too-distant future, USA citizens are now mandated to purchase a product, or anything else for that matter, the Government will dictate.  Among the freedoms US citizens have enjoyed the past 2-plus centuries, the freedom to choose or reject a thing, product or service, is gone. 

   Citizens will now have to pay a portion of our Individual income for a product or service (in this case, health insurance) as a tax if we don't have health insurance or to purchase the same from the Government (a "single payer).

   The "Affordable Health Care Act" (or better known as "Obamacare") will now dictate not only how & what must be purchased, but will in time, control most, if not every aspect of how we live, die and to be rationed at any random (or intentional) whim Government chooses.

   Under Obamacare, Bank accounts are now available to the IRS to withdrawl funds without our consent.  "Death Panels," similar to those of 1940's Nazi Germany of WWII will be established if catastrophic sickness or injuries are deemed "too expensive" to treat and will have full authority to deny.  Even recreational activities will not be permitted if deemed "too risky."  The list of denied freedoms is only limited by the imagination.

   What would be next after this ruling?  Mandate what food we can buy?  Oops!  Ice cream is fattening - eat brussel sprouts instead.  Have a garden?  NOT!  Can't eat what you grow yourself - not "certified healthy."  NFL Football?  Too violent a sport - GONE!! due to high injury risk.  NASCAR?  GONE!! due to the cars giving-off carbon dioxide / monoxide fumes.

   Think I'm joking?  Then take a look at the 2,000+ pages of a Bill that Nancy Pelosi (D) said, "must be passed to see what's in it."  By 2014, the full text of Obamacare will not only be revealed, but will also have it's impact on our everyday lives.

   Enjoy Freedom while it's still legal.   -30-

Most of wonder if our lives made any difference.  Marines don't seem to have that problem.  Former President Ronald Reagan

<Posted 11 March 2009>

          Defining "Political Correctness"
<Found on the E-Mail Trail>
   The following is the winning entry in an annual contest at Texas A & M University, calling for the most appropiate definition of a contemporary term.  This year's term was "Political Correctness."  

   The winner was R. J. Weidermann, Lt. Col USMC, Ret. wrote:
   "Political Correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional illogical minority & rabidly promoted by an unscroupolus mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a (fresh) turd by the clean end."

   Now you know what I mean when I say, "PC makes me puke!"   -30-