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      Insider Info . . .
   This Web Site address is:  www.RMRondyNews.com   This Web Site caters to Historical Re-Enactors & Enthusiists (sp?) of most American Historical Eras -- mostly late 1700's through 1890's Western Gunfighter.  Other Eras such as Highlander, Gunfighters & ancient Roman Soldiers are most welcome to share their insights & enthusiasm as well.   If you have questions, comments to improve this Site or to include a special Historical Era, please contact me via  E-Mail: rmrondynews@juno.com  I'll be more than happy to reply.  I'll also post News Items if pertinent to the Re-Enactor community.  Keep in mind also that as Web Master, I do have a Duty maintain a high quality level & proper decorum & I will have the "final word."

         Listing Events . . .  
   The main feature of this Web Site is the Event Listings.  I usually list Events from at least 15 & sometimes up to 30 states or even more.  Listing Events here is FREE SERVICE!!!  This is my way of giving people & their respective Groups a "hand-up" in getting the word out about their Event(s).  Make certain that you "tell all, sell all" about your Event.  At the least, your Listing should contain the following:

1)  Date, Place <location, location, location> & time(s). 
2)  Contact info.  Who, Phone number, E-Mail & (if available) E-Mail & Web Site addresses.  <I'll post valid links to Event Web Sites & also link Event Flyers here as well.>
3)  Kind of Event.  Rendezvous, Demonstartion, Gunfight, Time-Line (multi historical Eras), Re-Enactor Party . . . you get the idea.
4)  Event Doin's.  Hawk & Knife throw, Primitive Archery, Kid's Games, Pitch-In Dinner, Adult Games, Council Fire, various competitions.
5)  Map & directions to your Event.  EXACT LOCATIONS written down.  Some examples:  2345 North 40th street,  U.S. Highway 85 & County Road 14-1/2, near Anytown, Florida.  GPS <not everybody has one> co-ordinates by themselves should NOT be used as a primary reference but are OK if in-addition-to regular information.
6)  Any other special information for either Camp/Event participants (dog-leash rules, shovel & bucket by open fire, admission/camp fees, State DNR info, etc.) or General Public info (Admission fees, Food vendors on-site & the like).

   Before posting an Event, don't be surprised if I call you about your Event.  Part of what makes your Event successful is ACCURATE INFORMATION.  If I have questions or need to clarify an item you have submitted for Listing, I'll call at least one time to obtain the needed info.  I may call more than once if the need arises.

   ADVANCED NOTICE!!!!!  In most cases, I can post Events on somewhat short notice.  But Events Listings are usually more effective if I can post them at least -3- weeks or more in advance.  If you wish, I'm able to post Events up to -14- months ahead of when your Event will take place.  "Long" Listings (7+ months or more) should be updated often whenever possible with current info.

    Posting Pictures . . .
   Please see the "Pictures Please!" Page for more info.