Front Range Colo. Over the Air (OTA) H D T V

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Front Range Over-the-Air  H D T V

The following list is the result of several weeks of scan, re-scan, several Web searches & inquiries to the stations themselves.  Also, any corrections to this List since the latest Revision Date will be much appreciated.  My contact info appears elsewhere on this Web Site.  The RF channel (if available) now appears with the Primary Channel number to aid in re-scanning. <Example: 2.1/37>-  Web Master

<Rev 28 January 2015>       
Denver area: <t>
OTA CH*   CALL    NETWORK#      MISC. #                        
2.1/34          KWGN      C W
2.2               KWGN      ThisTV                   Movies
4.1/35          KCNC       C B S
4.2               KCNC       Binge TV              Vintage TV
6.1/18          KRMA       P B S                    RMPBS Group
6.2               KRMA       V – me                  Spanish PBS
6.3               KRMA       Create                   Cooking, Art, Gardening
24.1             KRMA-LP P B S / RMPBS     (Boulder, may have sub-chans)
44.1             KRMA-LP P B S / RMPBS     (Ft. Collins, “               “)
7.1/7            KMGH       A B C
7.2               KZCO-SD  Azteca America     Spanish
7.3               No longer aired  (as of 9 October)
7.4               KMGH       24 / 7                    News, WX
9.1/9            KUSA        N B C
9.2               KUSA        Weather Nation       24/7 Weather
9.3               KUSA         Justice Network
10.1             KSBS-LD   LeSea   English Religion
10.2             KSBS-LD   CTNi                     "                         "         
10.3             KSBS-LD    Multivision

10.4             KSBS-LD   GraceTV
10.5             KSBS-LD   AmaVision    (Spanish)
12.1/13        KBDIxx       P B S
12.2             KBDI          KBDI+  Documentary Ch.   24/7 Documentaries
12.3             KBDI          World View (WV) Foreign programming
14.1/15        KTFD         Telefutura              Spanish
14.2             KTFD         Bounce TV           Af-Amer programming (English)
14.3             KTFD         GeTV                   Classic Old Movies
14.4             KTFD
14.5             KTFD
16.1             KHDT         Q V C 
16.2             KHDT
20.1/19        KTVD         MyNetwork
20.2             KTVD         MeTV                  Classic TV
23.1/50        KDEO         EWTN                 Religion
23.2             KDEO         Torah TV / EWTN Spanish
23.3             KDEO         Torah TV   
23.4             KDEO         Calvary TV          Relig. Programming
23.5             KDEO         Fuente TV           <Spanish Lang.>
23.6             KDEO         The Wall              Family Programming
25.1/29        KDEN          Telemundo
25.2             KDEN          Exitos                 <Spanish Programming>
25.3             KDEN          Canal SOI           <Spanish Programming>
26.1             KZDN          The Cool - TV           Music Videos
26.2             KZDN          (Data to follow)                                           
28.1             KLPD          H S N                   24/7 Home Shopping
28.2             KLPD          BIZ-TV                 Business & "niche" programming
28.3             KLPD          KCDO-DT 3        (Denver-only Simulcast)  Ind.
28.4             KLPD          KPKR / Variety
28.5             KLPD         BIZ-TV                 Business & "niche" programming
29.1             KDEN          Telemundo           Spanish
31.1/32         KDVR         F O X
31.2             KDVR         Antenna TV          Vintage TV
39.1             KQDK         Mundo FOX
41.1             KRMT         Daystar                 24/7 Eng. Religion
50.1+           KCEC          Univision              Spanish
50.2+           KCEC          LATV                  Spanish
Castle Rock / Denver:
53.1             KETD+        Estrella                 Spanish
53.2             KETD-D2+  LeSea B-Casting   <via KWHS / COS>
Colorado Springs / Pueblo area: <t>
5.1/42          KOAA         N B C
5.2               KOAA         NFN                     "News 1st Now," Syndicated Prgm.
8.1/8            KTSC         P B S                     RMPBS Group
8.2               KTSC         V – me                   Spanish PBS
8.3               KTSC         Create                    Cooking, Art, Gardening
8.5               KTSC         AINC/Reading       (Audio only)
11.1/49        KKTV         C B S
11.2             KKTV         MyNetwork
13.1/24        KRDO         A B C
13.2             KTLO-LP   Telemundo             Spanish
21.1/22         KXRM        F O X
21.2             KXTU         C W
48.1/48        KVSN         Univision               Spanish
48.2             KVSN         Telefutura              Spanish
51<UHF>    KWHS(a)    LaSea B-Casting    Eng. Religion, Classic TV
57.1             KXTU         C W
Fort Collins area:
22.1/22        KFCT          F O X                   <Simulcasts w/ KDVR 31.1>
22.2             KFCT         Antenna TV            <Simulcasts w/ KDVR 31.2>
44.1             KRMA-LP   P B S / RMPBS    (may have sub-channels)
Fort Morgan area:
3.1/23          KCDO+      Ind.                    Limited signal to Denver (see also ch28.3)
Grand Junction area: <t>  New Listing!!
3.1/23           KREG        C B S                Steamboat Spgs area
4.1/15           KFQX        F O X
5.1               KREX        C B S
8.1/7            KJCT         A B C
8.2               KJCT         Telemundo             Spanish
8.3               KJCT         C W

Greeley area:  (Note: KPJR & KPXC are Denver Licensed.  Transmitters are located in Dacono.)
38.1/38        KPJR+       T B N                       24/7 Eng. Religion
38.2             KPJR+       T B N                       24/7 Eng. Religion
38.3             KPJR+       T B N                       J C Music
38.4             KPJR+       T B N                       24/7 Spa. Religion
38.5             KPJR+       T B N                       Kid’s Religion channel
43.1/43        KPXC+      I O N                   
43.2                                KPXC+      Qubo                        Kid’s cartoons
43.3                                KPXC+      ION-L                       Lifestyles
* = Channels subject to change.  Re-scan if in doubt, more could become available.
+ = KCEC-DT 50.1 & 50.2 May move to a different UHF channel due to FCC spectrum changes in the coming months.
# = Networks/programming subject to change without notice.
(a)  I was informed 4MAR11 that KWHS is still running analog/NTSC signal.  Digital operation is skedded to take place Fall 2011.
xx = KBDI's signal is also relayed to several Full-power & translator stations.  See for more info.
+ = These stations also serve the Denver area with a reasonable signal.  Reception subject to terrain and location (and quality) of receiving antenna.  KCDO's signal may be received direct with a high gain (directional) antenna pointed ENE (from Denver) towards Ft. Morgan.

<t> = Major Denver, Colorado Spgs. & Grand Jct. stations have Translator Stations scattered throughout the State.  Contact individual Stations for more specific info.  This link: is where you may find more info.  More technical specific station info can be obtained from 

KRMA / RMPBS has stations throughout Colorado.  See  for more info.