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Updated  24 June 2013
Rendezvous & Historical Re-Enactor's organizations. . .

Names of Clubs will be added as they become available 

Hands on History Colorado
  Jeff "Mild Bill Halfkok" Mosteller 
           2000  Wadsworth   # 134
           Lakewood,  Colorado   80214
(303) 202-9302
"We are Hands on History Colorado, Our primary allegiance is to the Buffalo Soldiers of the American West.  To support the continuing Historical education that John Bell and the Mounted Soldiers of the 10th Cavalry Drill Team brings to life.  Secondly, and as importantly to bring to the public the History of America as the first Pioneers, Trappers, Soldiers, Indians and many of the Historical people through out time and the important role they played during the American expansion West across this great land.  We have in the past been involved with many Groups, Associations, Historical Foundations, Production Groups, Entertainers and Showmen alike, all of which have something unique to bring to life. We harbor no ill will toward any Person or Persons, Group, Man nor Animal.  Historical Re enactors are a family all unto their own, and we're proud to know many so who spend their time and efforts to help keep the History alive."
Web Site:  


4950 South Grant Street
Englewood,  Colorado   80110

Contact: Jack Stone or Jake Lawler
(303) 798-0710   E-Mail:

Membership:           Larry Carter 
(Intro statement excerpted due to length – Web Master)
Since 1997, The Armies of Tennessee has been a re-enactment organization dedicated to the preservation of American History. Our focus is to host, co-host and support local, regional and national events in the Western Theatre. The Armies of Tennessee will also participate in and support the 150th Anniversary national events being held by other affiliated organizations across our great nation. The Armies of Tennessee is a self contained group of Artillery, Infantry, Mounted Cavalry, Dismounted Cavalry, Medical Corps and Civilian re-enactors. Each unit is commanded by veteran re-enactors who observe civility and respect both on the field of combat and in the presence of spectators. The Armies of Tennessee is a family oriented organization that has a place for both the beginner re-enactor and the hardcore campaigner…If you have a unit that would like to be part of our heritage preservation efforts please join our group today…The Armies of Tennessee is a Chartered Non-Profit Organization with the State of Tennessee. Our Federal 501(C)(3) Non-Profit status is through the Heritage Keepers of America. We are not in this business to profit from it, we are here to educate and preserve history for future generations.

Web Site:

403  North  Desert  Cove
Pueblo West,  Colorado   81007
(719) 676-2019  Bob Cannon   
"We are a Family oriented Club that strives to learn, teach & explore the ways of traditional muzzle loading shooting through pre-1840 re-enactment.  We hold monthly shoots and an annual Rendezvous.  Business meetings are the first Thursday of every month at the King of Kings Lutheran Church 2561 Vinewood, Pueblo Co."
Web Site: 

Blue Ridge Rifles Inc.
Box 344,  Schuylkill,  Pennsylvania   17972
E-Mail: or
"We, the Members and Officers of Blue Ridge Rifles, Inc., are dedicated to the advancement and preservation of the lifestyle, ideals, patriotism and freedoms of the early American pioneer of the period 1750 to 1850, and as citizens of the United States to protect and defend the rights granted to us by the Constition.
Web Site:
Blue Ridge Rifles, Inc. is located on 22 acres of the Blue Mountains, approximately one mile from the Applician Trail just off Rt. 183 in Summit Station, PA.  We are a Strictly muzzle loading Club.  Events over Memorial & Labor Day weekends.  No modern firearms permitted.

Soldiers of the American West
,  Colorado   80601

President: John W. Bell Jr.  M.Ed  (720) 308-5223
Web Site:
”The mission and purpose of the Buffalo Soldiers of the American West are to educate the public about the existence of the Ninth and Tenth United States Cavalry, regiments made up of African-Americans.  The organization fulfills its mission by making historical and drill team presentations at schools, to civic organizations, businesses, and participating in other community celebrations of the American West such as parades, and the National Western Stock Show & Rodeo.  Authenticity is the goal of all presentations.”

Castle Rock Civil War Unit
Contact:   Tim R. Brown - Unit Captain
            (303) 810-2822  E-Mail: 
  Meetings held at the Philip S. Miller Library, 100 South Wilcox Street in Castle Rock, Colorado.  Meetings are held every 3rd Tuesday, 7:PM to 8:45PM.
Re-Enacting: 63rd New York Infantry (US), 9th Virginia Infantry (CS) & 2nd Colorado Volunteers (US)
2011 MISSION STATEMENT: "The purpose of the Organization shall be to present the life and times of the typical American citizens and soldiers of the historical period covered by the years 1858-1865 inclusive, in as accurate and realistic a manner as the availability of items, financial considerations, and contemporary research will allow; to promote and to stimulate further interest in all aspects and phases of Army life; educate the general public; and to further the serious discussion and study of the American Civil War."

Our official name here in Colorado is “Castle Rock Civil War Unit”.
(Excerpt from CO-Civil War Flyers) "Interested in learning the causes, results, current impacts?  Interested in researching your forefather's involvement in the Civil War & his Victorian worldview?  Interested in learning the equipment, clothing, drills & arms handling of the Civil War soldier?  ENLIST NOW!"

Kansas Alliance of Professional Historic Performers
Contact: Ann Birney or Joyce Thierer -- "Ride Into History"  
          2886 North Highway 99
          Admire, Kansas   68830
          (620) 528-3580  E-Mail:
"The mission of the Kansas Alliance of Professional Historic Performers is to provide costumed historic interpretation of the highest standard by challenging each other and ourselves to constantly research our subject area and seek the highest performance skills."
Web Site: 

Legion II - Adiutrix
"Living History of the Roman Empire"
Contact:  T. J. Hutcheson
(719) 574-4412
"Legion II Adiutrix is an Imperial Roman Living-History/re-enacting Group that was founded in September 2007.  It's members portray the Roman soldiers and citizens of ancient Rome, circa 75 A.D.  The goal of the Unit is to accurately portray the life & times of the ancient the best of their ability & research, all clothing, arms, armor accoutrements, camp gear, siege engines, food, shelter & shelter accurately portray the equipment & materials used by their ancient counterparts nearly 2,000 years ago...for public education and entertainment, and to promote a better understanding of ancient Roman history among it's members and the public in general.  II Adiutrix is based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Web Site:

Northern Colorado Fife & Drum Corps
President: Dave Lesure   (970) 663-6339
Membership Chairman: Dave Wood  (720) 635-3926
"Many brave & courageous men & women threw off the chains of tyranny & established a Constitutional Republic form of limited government.  Over the years the checks & balances placed on this government have been eroded.  Our mission is to be a reminder of how this government originated & what it stands for through our colonial dress, our marching & our music.  Through our many appearances at patrotic events, we hope to inspire Americans to learn about our heritage, to study our Constitution & to exercise our inalienable rights freely."
Web Site: <Not available as of 4 Mar 11>  

Oklahoma Fur Bearers Alliance
Contact: Reginald Murray  O.F.B.A. Director & Webmaster  
          19721 East 3rd Street
          Tulsa, Oklahoma   74108
          (918) 694-8190   E-Mail:
"The Oklahoma Fur Bearers Alliance (OFBA), Inc. is registered & established in Oklahoma as an association formed after merging the previous Oklahoma Fur Harvesters Association with the First Oklahoma Trapper & Predator Caller Asscoiation.  The OFBA is a consortium of Hunters, Campers Trappers Predator Callers Hounds Men & other outdoor enthusiasts who share a love of wildlife conservation.  We have come together with an understanding that with the help of God, while focusing, youth & proper education...anything is possible."
Web Site:  "As you browse this Site, please take time to view the pages of our sponsors.  They make this Site possible for each of you.  Welcome & Thank you."

Re-Enactor's Guild of America (RGA)
Contact: Barbara "Jenna" Chatham Secratary/Membership
          6903 Black Gum Circle
          Fort Smith, AR 72916 
          (479) 649-3935  E-Mail:
 Web Site:
Mission Statement:  "An organization of Living Historians, Educators, Entertainers  and Reenactors dedicated to the preservation of and education regarding the History of America's 19th Century, primarily but not restricted to the American Old West."

4118 Julian StreetDenver,  Colorado   80211
Membership: Sue Zeller  (720) 261-1960 or
"Our Mission is to promote, support and/or sponsor re-enactments of an historic nature furthering education and the preservation of living history."

Contact:  Attn: Membership - South Platte Valley Historical Society  P.O. Box 633  Fort Lupton, CO 80621
Mission Statement:  "The South Platte Valley Historical Society has a mission to preserve the history of the South Platte Valley area.  The Society is creating a one-hundred acre History Park on the north side of Fort Lupton with facilities dedicated to education, historic interpretation, and improvement of the local economy."  Send E-Mail to:

"The Tallow River Trappers is the living history branch of the South Platte Valley Historical Society.  Although the TRT supports and coordinates its activities with the South Platte Valley Historical Society, the organization has its own officers, funding and newsletter, the "Dispatch."
For more info on the Tallow River Trappers, see: 


5999 Canyon Trail
President: C.J. Biewenga   (303) 646-3090 
Contact E-Mail:
"Promoting Rendezvous, Education & Re-Enactments"